About Me

I studied documentary photography at Newport University. During this time I have developed my skills as a creative, investigative photographer through my personal projects focussing on ideas and issues that I feel strongly about.  In order help me develop a broad range of skills, my projects have been a mixture of reportage, set-up environmental portraits, studio portraits and studio still life shoots.  Now I have completed my degree, I am really keen to continue developing my own documentary projects, using photography to explore issues I think are of social and cultural interest or concern.

Alongside this, I have been developing my commercial photography skills outside university by working as a photography assistant for several local photographers experiencing many aspects of professional work from portraiture, studio and fashion shoots to managing lighting, props, equipment, set design and dealing with clients. It has been really interesting to push both my own work and my commercial photograph to give me a broad base of skills and experience to launch my career in the industry.

My recent personal project ‘Constructed Childhoods’, explores the impact of images surrounding children – images that allow children to construct ideas about the ‘ideal’ life. In April I received the Regional Salisbury Award to continue with this project and in May I won the Royal Photographic Society under-25 print competition with one of the prints. I have exhibited previous work at Cardiff, Wales in a collective exhibition and will be exhibiting my latest project in the exhibition ‘27’ at Candid Arts in London and in November I was shortlisted for The Guardian Student Media Award.


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